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Down the Pub: Hosted by Anthony Abbott, Down the Pub is a Canadian soccer podcast which focuses on Halifax Wanderers and the Canadian Premier League. From post-match reviews with Gary Griffiths (@FromAwaysHFX) to interviews with professional footballers from the CPL and beyond, join us down the pub for some top quality football chat. The first pint is on us!

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Hosted by Anthony Abbott

Anthony was born in Dublin, Ireland. He has loved soccer as long as he can remember. 

He currently lives in Halifax, Canada, with his wife Sarah and twin boys Alfie and Damon. He is a season ticket holder of the Halifax Wanderers, where he can be found in The Kitchen section. 


Episode 189:Valour in the Rain!

Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

On this episode Gary and Anthony look back at the waterlogged victory against Valour. 
We chat about Yann Fillion finally making the TOTW, how Valour set up against us, our cohesive back line and Mo Omar's impressive display.
We delve into our listener mailbag as well.
You can follow the show @downthepubpod on Instagram and Twitter

Episode 188: Coach Jed Davies!

Thursday Aug 24, 2023

Thursday Aug 24, 2023

On this episode I am joined by Hfx Wanderers Asst Coach and Head of Youth Development Jed Davies!
We look at Jed's beginnings a s a coach, becoming an author, coaching development techniques and leaving the world of architecture behind.
We also chat about coming to Canada and working with Ottawa Futuro and the Fury. We also talk about joining The Wanderers, Jed's role within the coaching staff and developing young players with the U23s and U18s.
This one is definitely worth a listen as Jed is a wealth of knowledge.
You can follow us on twitter and instagram @downthepubpod

Wednesday Aug 16, 2023

On this episode Gary and Anthony look back at last weekend's win against Vancouver. 
The lads chat about some great performances from Riley Ferrazo, Wesley Timeteo and of course Joao Morelli.
We also look at Dan Nimick being rumoured with a move, why Yann Fillion can't make a TOTW and also how Doneil Henry is making an impact.
All this and more!!
You can follow the show @downthepubpod on Twitter and Instagram.

Episode 186: Cale Loughrey!!

Friday Aug 11, 2023

Friday Aug 11, 2023

Gary is away this week so I thought it would be a good time to chat with one of The Wanderers unsung heroes this season, Cale Loughrey.
We take a look at Monday's game against Pacific, Cale's partnership with Dan Nimick, learning from Doneil Henry,how Jordan Peruzza is fitting in and Cale's 5 aside team!
All of this and more!!!
You can follow the pod @downthepubpod on instagram and twitter.

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

On this episode Anthony and Gary look back at the away win against York!
We talk about the great start we had, the fantastic goals, building a team identity and Joao Morelli's role in the team.
We also look into our listener mail bag and answer your questions and we ask why Yann Fillon can't get into the team.
All this and more!
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Wednesday Jul 26, 2023

On this week's episode brought to you by Molson Coors, Anthony and Gary look back at the game against Ottawa. It was The Wanderers 5th win at home in a row!!!
We chat about Dan Nimick and that pass and his potential for Canada, we also look at the impressive display from Wesley Timoteo.
Gary gives his opinion on Joao Morelli's amazing new hairdo and we start our campaign for Joao to bring back his Island Games Curls.
All this and more!!
You can follow us on twitter and instagram @downthepubpod  

Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

On this episode Anthony and Gary discuss the blockbuster signing of Doneil Henry to The Wanderers.
We chat about the implications for the league and the club, where Doneil will fit into the squad, his attributes and much more.
We also take a brief look back at last weekends game in Calgary.
Brought to you by Molson Coors.
You can follow the show @downthepubpod on instagram and twitter.

Episode 182: Mighty Massimo!!

Tuesday Jul 18, 2023

Tuesday Jul 18, 2023

On this episode we are joined by Hfx Wanderer, Massimo Ferrin!!
We chat about Massimo's great season so far, that arduous schedule the Wanderers just had, playing in Patrice's system and his relationship with the gaffer.
We also talk about Massimo's experience within the DC United system, playing college and the influence of his dad on his career.
All of this and more!!!
You can follow the show @downthepubpod on insta and twitter.

Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

We are Back!!!
On this episode Gary and Anthony look into the amazing game against Forge last Friday. 
We chat about the system we used to frustrate Forge, Massimo's great goal and Mr Cool himself Dan Nimick.
We welcome back show sponsor Molson Coors and we dive into our listener questions, 
All this and more on this week's show!
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Thursday Jun 15, 2023

On this unexpected episode Gary and Anthony look over the news Joao Morelli is returning and we also look back at the win against Valour!
Gary gives his thoughts on Joao returning to the Wanderers fold and where he sees him fitting into our system. Gary breaks down the key points of the win against Valour and gives his thoughts on Aidan Daniels rich run of form. 
All this and more on this episode!
You can follow the show @downthepubpod on Twitter and Instagram.

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